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Traffic Violations Attorney in Abingdon, Virginia

Violations of Virginia’s traffic laws are some of the most common criminal offenses. Many people think they do not need a defense lawyer to handle a traffic ticket, but traffic violations can quickly add up and lead to severe consequences.

I am attorney Kimberly Haugh, and I have the knowledge and skill you need to fight a traffic ticket. I have 19 years of experience protecting my clients’ rights and guiding them through tough situations. My staff and I provide all of our clients with personalized attention and individualized guidance to defend them against criminal charges.

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Strategic Guidance To Avoid The Penalties Of A Ticket

The Virginia DMV has a demerit point system where they keep track of traffic violations. Different offenses have different point values. For example, a speeding ticket can range from three to six points, depending on how far above the speed limit the motorist drove.

These points can stay on your record for up to 11 years. And if they add up quickly, you could face probation, as well as a possibly suspended or revoked driver’s license.

You do not have to accept the ticket and let traffic violations impact your future like this. You have the right to fight a ticket in Virginia’s traffic court. And I will aggressively advocate for you against the criminal and civil penalties involved in traffic offenses.

At my law firm, Kimberly C. Haugh P.C., I will represent you against any traffic violation or ticket offense, including:

  • Speeding

  • Drunk driving and DUI charges

  • Texting while driving

  • Reckless driving, including racing

  • Overweight tickets for trucks

  • Auto accidents resulting in injury

I take the time to understand the situation you are in and how you got there, so I can provide you with a strong defense. You can feel confident that I will put my experience to work for you.

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You have a limited amount of time to challenge a traffic ticket. There is no time to waste, and I am ready to help you. Contact my office in Abingdon by completing the online contact form or calling to schedule a meeting to discuss your case. Your first consultation is $100.